Your car expert Niels OlbrichCar accident - and now?!

Your car expert - call us for help! Dear english speaking customer,

during the years nearly every cardriver is involved in an accident. Because of our extense experiences for many years and our special education in business we can help you to manage transactions of all kinds of accidents. We know, how the opponents insurance will react and so we are always one step ahead.

Please call us immediatly after an accident which was no fault of your own! Our service is free for you in this case! We demand our bill by the opponents insurance.

We will come to you soon, examine your car, investigate all details and create a solid report. (Only for events in Germany! Do not worry if the accident happend abroad! Even in different countries with other laws for restitution we try to help you!)

Feel free to call us at any time!
phone +493514266944 or
cellphone +491723726701

Do not call the opponents insurance! They only want to influence you! You will lose your rights and a lot of money!

Information about vehicle evaluation you will get here!


Your car expert
Niels Olbrich